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I’ve had a thought.

A few people have mentioned my interest in international figures, politicians and journalists.

I grew up with SBS and ABC. I grew up listening to international news. More than that, though, I grew up with the knowledge that there is always a bigger picture.

While there are quite a few Australian people I admire and listen to, why not take advantage of the opportunities presented to me by the internet? There are people all over the world coming up with new and innovative ideas for old problems. It doesn’t make sense to me to only pay attention to Australian figures when there are so many people all over the world worth listening to.

If someone in Germany has a good idea we can use here, I will mention it. If someone in USA has an innovation that we could replicate, I will bring it up. However, you can only know if you’re paying attention.

Furthermore, in order to start thinking outside the box, you need to expand your frame of reference. You need to challenge your way of thinking or doing things. The only way to do that is with outside sources that think differently to me.

Hence my interest in international figures.

Anyways, just an idea.

Have a thoughtful day everybody.

Those I Admire and Listen To
SBS News Channel SBS, SBS On Demand
ABC News/ ABC Q and A Channel ABC, YouTube, iView
Phyllis Papps Activist, journalist, author
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Representative for New York's 14th District
Nina Turner Former Ohio State Senator, Co-Chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign
Greta Thunberg Activist, Twitter
Emma Gonzalez Activist, Parkland Shooting Survivor
Mary Kostakidis Journalist, Television Presenter, Twitter
Krystal Ball Twitter, A New Right And A New Left Are Rising, Journalist
Saagar Enjeti Twitter, A New Right And A New Left Are Rising, Journalist, The Realignment Podcast
Jonathan Swan Political Journalist, Axios
Joe Scott Researcher, Presenter, YouTube
Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zealand
The Hill (Rising) YouTube
Beau of the Fifth Column YouTube
The Young Turks YouTube
Emma Vigelund Journalist, Rebel HQ, YouTube, Twitter
Anna Kasparian Twitter, YouTube
Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM YouTube, Podcast
Joe Rogan YouTube, Spotify
David Hogg Activist, Parkland Shooting Survivor

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