Arts and Lifestyle Needs

Bike Paths and Walking Tracks

Our bicycle paths and walking tracks need to be upgraded, repaired and in some places, completely replaced. This needs to be a priority, so as to encourage the use of the paths and discourage the use of cars. This will not only reduce our Council’s Climate Impact, it will also improve traffic during the busy months, promote wellness and exercise, and create a way for people who do not have access to cars or public transport to travel around the Shire with ease.

Public Art Amendment to the Planning Scheme

The Council needs to introduce a Mandatory Public Art Amendment to the Planning Scheme. All new developments should have a focus on public art, including but not limited to: murals on the sides of new buildings, public sculptures, and kinetic sculptures at all new playgrounds that encourage kids to interact with the art in interesting, complex, ridiculous and weird ways that even the artist didn’t think of.

Homelessness Crisis

Bass Coast Shire needs to do something about Homelessness here in our Shire. Up till now, there have been some workshops, some very moving stories and personal anecdotes written by Councillors, and a failed Motion to dump the vulnerable people in our Shire next to a Transfer Station.
Homelessness is not as complex as many would make it out to be. The issue is that the housing

bubble has caused the rental market to skyrocket and people who are on Centrelink Payments, and even some who are in comfortable employment, struggle to make the paymentsthat keep a roof over their head. Once you’ve lost your house, it is tremendously hard to get back into one, and it can take months of desperately searching and applying for houses before you are successful. And if you are lucky enough to find a house, you always run the risk of falling behind in payments again.Council needs to accept the responsibility that falls on them and begin looking for ways to help these vulnerable people.I propose that the Planning Scheme be redrawn (If necessary) to allow for easier development of tiny homes, suitable for singles, couples and families. This must include provisions of crisis housing for those fleeing domestic violence.The Eco Resort in Cowes comes to mind as the perfect Planning Model—tiny cabins, restaurant, boardwalks, public playgrounds, public barbeques, beautifully grown habitat—which the Council could use as a base for building such a development, naturally within existing Town Boundaries.

Passive Whale Watching

The Whale Watching Community is vibrant and growing on Phillip Island and Bass Coast in general. Council needs to work with the relevant groups in this space to further develop its potential.

Signage Policy

Our Shire has a ridiculous amount of signage on the side of the road. This not only distracts drivers, but it confuses anybody unfamiliar with the Shire. Council needs to create a uniform Signage Policy to reduce congestion, confusion and road rage. It would also improve the traffic flow and overall feel of the Shire.

The current Plan isn't delivering the results the community needs, so we need a new one.

I propose that we begin by building dirt single-tracks, maintained by the community that uses it, under the supervision of the Council's Infrastructure team, which can be upgraded to a shared dirt pathway, then gravel. I think we need to find an alternative to concrete shared pathways. Concrete is simply not sustainable, and will not help us reach Carbon Neutrality by 2030. 

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Mikhaela Barlow

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Cape Woolamai, 3925


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