Environmental Needs:

Zero-Carbon Policy

Bass Coast Shire has already declared a state of Climate Emergency. In light of this, Council must host workshops with the staff and relevant experts on how to make Bass Coast Shire a Zero-Carbon-Producing Shire, before adopting a Zero-Carbon Policy.
This would mean that all future developments must comply with Current Global Best Practice and have a Zero Carbon Footprint. All electricity must come from renewable energy, and we must ensure any development has the ability to be upgraded as technology improves.

Coastal Erosion Management Plan/ Climate Contingency Plan

Erosion in our Shire has been an issue for many, many years. I saw the need in 2016 to implement a Coastal Erosion Management Plan, which would be split into 3 zones—Western Port, Island and Bunurong respectively—in order to figure out the best path forward for all these unique and challenging coastlines.
While I still intend to bring forward such a proposal, there is no denying that some parts of our coast

cannot be saved. Which is why, sadly, we need to also introduce a Climate Contingency Plan, in order to find out which parts of our Coast are lost to us forever and we have to retreat from, and which parts we have the ability to save if we act now.

Chemical Reduction Strategy

We must introduce a Chemical Reduction Strategy. We need to look at all chemicals used by the Shire, including weedkillers and cleaning chemicals, and find out how much can be replaced by updated technology like high-pressure-steam and organic cleaners.

Citizen-Scientist Led Bio-Diversity Study

Bass Coast is lucky to have so many species of animals and plants. The habitat and environment in our Shire is one of the reasons people move here. We need to ensure we are caring for our environment properly, but we cannot do that without knowing what needs looking after most.
Council must conduct a Bio-Diversity Survey, using local Citizen Scientists—sort of like a Flora and Fauna Census—so that we can work with the relevant groups and experts to ensure that our environment remains safe, secure and sustainable.

Bass Coast CERES

Council must plan to develop a CERES, similar to that in Brunswick, as a centre for Environmental Best Practise. In conjunction with Bunurong and Boonwurrung peoples investigate the opportunity to construct a pre-Settlement Village at this Centre. This would also be an opportunity to create new jobs, provide artists with new inspiration and, depending on what is included in the centre, perhaps provide education to construction workers in renewable and sustainable ways of building, to further our commitment to a Zero-Carbon Policy.

Roadkill Management Plan

Council needs to develop a Roadkill Management Plan. One of the most common comments about our Shire from tourists is in regard to the distressing amount of roadkill on our roads. We have beautiful and rare animals here, and we need to make sure they’re protected.
Council must explore new options such as animal overpasses/ bridges, noise makers and reduction of speed limits on all Island roads.

Authorised by:

Mikhaela Barlow

57 Tampa Road,

Cape Woolamai, 3925


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